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Life Expectancy


Q: How long will my plants last?

A: With regards to larger projects we always recommend getting in touch to discuss your requirements and any fine details that may be beneficial to know when choosing your plants.

Often the location of your plant determines how long it will last as plants placed externally may be under severe UV and heat exposure due to the Aussie sun.  As with anything that’s attacked daily by our beautiful sunshine they will start to fade and fracture over time.  A UV spray is available to help the plants along their journey as long as they are not rained on which washes off the spray. Please ask for details. We do recommend keeping the plants out of direct sunlight where possible.

Plants installed internally have an infinite life expectancy.  We often visit our past projects that still have plants installed from 10+ years ago. When the plants are not disturbed by outside elements the plants shall continue to remain life like for years.

We do have some plants which are uv treated which will last much longer outdoors. We are constantly updating this range so please contact us if you are needing something to go in direct sun.