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Artificial Giant Trees

We supply and install on site large trees ranging in height from 4m up to 7m tall on real trunks which look amazing!

All the branches are also real and the artificial leaves are excellent quality which adds to the authenticity of these trees. Our awesome installers Frank and Marcelo can install these trees on site in Australia, New Zealand or anywhere. 

These artificial giant trees are suitable for shopping centres, food courts, large homes and anywhere that a tree of this size can make a difference and create impact.

We have many options including Ficus, Cherry Blossom, Maple and Olive as well as tall Palm trees which are on life-like fibreglass trunks.

These artificial giant trees are a special order from our factory in China and the lead time is usually about 4 months. We also supply and install Led Light trees in large sizes.

Please call us on 02 9181 2456 or email us at for more information.